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What We Do

Cosmo Resources excels in elevating tech-driven enterprises through top-tier leadership placements via Executive Talent Discovery. Our network provides skilled professionals in software development, cybersecurity, and data science. HR Optimization streamlines operations, covering payroll to benefits administration. Tailored Solutions address unique tech demands. Collaborate with us to navigate and elevate your organization.
Executive Search and Placement
We specialize in identifying, attracting, and placing executive talent at the helm of technology-driven enterprises, ensuring leadership excellence.
Technical Recruitment
Leveraging our extensive network, we source and place skilled professionals across various tech domains.
Streamline your HR functions with our outsourcing services allowing you to focus on your core business.

Who We Are

Cosmo Resources, a top provider of recruitment and HR outsourcing for Pakistan's tech industry, brings over 20 years of tech experience. Our leaders and advisors, from major consultancy firms, ensure excellence and understanding of client needs. With a commitment to building exceptional teams, we empower businesses for success in a competitive landscape.

How We Can Help

In the competitive realm of recruitment, Cosmo Resources excels at overcoming talent acquisition challenges. Our services are tailored to identify, attract, and place executives and talent aligned with your company's vision. Focused on your organizational needs, we connect you with exceptional leaders, ensuring a seamless process. Our understanding of recruitment challenges and their ranking is provided below based on our research:
Resource Mismatch
Changing Job Market Dynamics
Limited HR Budget
Weak Corporate Branding and Reputation
Competition for Scarce Talent
Lack of Diversity and Inclusivity

What Our Clients Say

“Choosing Cosmo Resources for our tech recruitment needs was strategic. Their efficiency and dedication were evident from the start. Working with Cosmo Resources elevated our recruitment process, positively impacting team dynamics and project outcomes.”

“Cosmo Resources has been instrumental in building our tech dream team. Their expertise and commitment to understanding our culture ensured a perfect fit with each hire. With their support, we’ve found long-term contributors to our success.”

“The company’s tech recruitment is a game-changer! Their precision in matching candidates to our needs resulted in high-caliber hires. Their seamless process and insightful approach make them our go-to partner for tech talent.”

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